• Riding into Middle Cove, St. John’s, Newfoundland at the end of Pedalling for Papua 2012.

  • With friends in West Papua.

Jeremy Bally was born and raised on the West Coast of Canada. A cyclist and musician, he first heard about West Papua through a concerned friend who’d just stumbled upon the story herself. Over two years of engaging more deeply with the issue, the vision for Pedalling for Papua began to take shape, and in 2011 he flew to Indonesia to see first hand what the situation on the ground. Inspired by a new language and a journal full of sobering accounts from interviews conducted over a 5 week period, he arrived back home and began preparations for the first campaign.

Jeremy transformed his experience in West Papua into a multimedia presentation, and cycled it 7500 kilometres across Canada, educating thousands of Canadians about the human rights, environmental and political situation there. Enthralled by the experience and bound to the cause, he has decided to put the lessons of the first tour to good use by…how else? Doing another one! Just bigger. And more effective.

When not cycling, Jeremy plays his ukulele while walking through the forest, occasionally stopping to climb a tree.