UPDATE NOVEMBER 19 – Author Eben Kirksey has donated a limited number of signed copies of his book Freedom in Entangled Worlds to the Pedalling for Papua Campaign.
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Pedalling for Papua is fundraising for Papuans Behind Bars.

Papuans Behind Bars, launched in April 2013, is an online resource about political prisoners in West Papua. This site aims to raise awareness about Papuan political prisoners so that nobody is forgotten. Many of the prisoners have suffered arbitrary arrest, violence, abuse, torture, unfair trials, intimidation and neglect.
Papuans Behind Bars is a collective project initiated by Papuan civil society groups working together as the Civil Society Coalition to Uphold Law and Human Rights in Papua. It is a grassroots initiative and represents a broad collaboration between lawyers, human rights groups, adat groups, activists, journalists and individuals in West Papua, as well as Jakarta-based NGOs and international solidarity groups.
Funds raised will go to three initiatives:
1) Supporting the families of political prisoners.  Many of the prisoners were income-providers for their families prior to their imprisonment.  These funds are used to supplement this loss of income.
2) Legal aid for the prisoners, most of whom cannot afford their own.
3) Operational costs for Papuans Behind Bars, whose work makes the previous two initiatives along with many others possible.
The link below goes to the donation page for TAPOL, whose offices Papuans Behind Bars are run through.  To make the donation to Papuans Behind Bars, please specify this on the page that asks you to review your donation by clicking the “Add special instructions to the seller” link.