Comprehending West Papua: A 2011 conference brought together dozens of expert voices on West Papua. This collection contains each of their contributions to that event. Topics range from injustices of the past to capitalizing on new media in the present to strategies for moving towards peace in the future. This is among the most illuminating contributions to the literature on West Papua to emerge in the last few years.
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Genocide in West Papua?: Makes the case that escalating military occupation, an HIV/AIDS epidemic, and severe underdevelopment of essential services in West Papua could support the claim that a genocide is being perpetrated against the West Papuan people.
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Hope and Hard Reality: In the wake of spikes in violence in 2011, this report presents a vision of what the road to a peaceful West Papua could look like.
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Up For Grabs: EIA/Telepak: West Papua is home to an invaluable array of bio- diversity. This report discusses the serious threats facing the rainforest in this region, and how local solutions could bring change most effectively.
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Amnesty International Papua Digest: Amnesty International’s sobering report on the climate of fear, political imprisonment and impunity for abusers in West Papua.
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