West Papua Media Alerts:
West Papua Media Alerts is an invaluable service that effectively undermines the media blackout in West Papua by producing reports of its own. Drawing information from a network of citizen journalists who assume tremendous risk for their work, this is the first place that developing stories in West Papua will become available both to the public and mainstream media.

West Papua Report:
This thorough and thoughtful monthly report produced by the US-based West Papua Advocacy Team is one of the best ways to keep up to date on recent events in West Papua.

Free West Papua Campaign:
Benny Wenda is a perhaps the most visible advocate for West Papua, traveling the world to speak out on behalf of his people. He currently lives in exile in London. This, his UK based campaign page, is a comprehensive resource for all things Papua including the latest news, resources, and ways to get involved.

A UK based human rights organization that works towards human rights, peace and democracy in Indonesia. West Papua is a principle part of their mandate, and as such their talented team of researchers and activists have made this website a tremendous resource.

Papua Web:
This website, supported by universities in West Papua and Australia, is an ambitious undertaking. It is a bilingual information sharing network about West Papua for anyone from students to activists to government bodies. This resource is an invaluably rich and comprehensive catalogue of information.