Last year I rode my bicycle 7500 km across Canada.  I did a series of multimedia presentations about my experience in West Papua.  I let some folks know about what was going on there.  It was good.

But not enough.

At the end of the 2012 Pedalling for Papua campaign I couldn’t shake the feeling that it just wouldn’t be right to stop now.  This story has been under the radar of the international community for 50 years and that…well that’s just unacceptable.  Changes happen when people get together and demand it, and that takes awareness.  I can do that.  Sorry, scratch that.  WE can do that.

West Papua is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  And it’s the site of a 50 year old secret war which many observers say amounts to a slow-motion genocide.  I’m not cool with sitting in this big comfy chair and doing nothing, which is why in about two hours I’ll be loading up my bike and heading down to Lush Cosmetics in downtown Victoria, BC for the campaign’s first official event.  It will be the first time since finishing the tour last year that I’ll have done public speaking/appearing.  Gak!  Let’s go ahead and call it an opportunity to warm up.  In one of the busiest stores in Victoria.  On one of it’s busiest days.  Heck yeah!

Let’s get rolling.